Owning Gold Vs. Silver - Ask The Expert

Owning Gold vs. Silver – Ask The Expert

Written by Mark Yaxley, General Manager, Strategic Wealth Preservation. In this article, precious metals expert Mark Yaxley, General Manager for Strategic Wealth Preservation in the Cayman Islands, addresses a common question asked by investors who are thinking of buying precious metals; “Should I buy gold or silver? Which is better to own?” It’s a question…

The Precious Metals Week in Review - April 5th, 2019.

The Precious Metals Week in Review – April 5th, 2019

Brexit continues to be the top news story affecting volatility in all markets, followed by further apparent progress in the U.S.-China trade talks. President Trump now appears to be taking aim on Mexico as the next target of his tariffs, despite an economic agreement between the two countries earlier this year that has yet to be ratified.