The Great Oz

The Great Oz

For eight years (2008-2016), the US liberal media touted the brilliant accomplishments of the liberal president, whilst the conservative media groused that nothing he did was of value.

Today, the conservative US media are touting the brilliant accomplishments of the conservative president, whilst the liberal media grouse that nothing he does is of value.

John Foster Dulles - Brinkmanship


A popular game amongst young ne’er-do-wells in the US in the 1950’s was “chicken”, in which two drivers drove their cars at rapid speed toward each other. Whichever one veered away first was deemed the “chicken”.

Of course, any sane, mature individual would regard both drivers as not only potentially suicidal, but also extraordinarily stupid. (As can be imagined, the game sometimes ended disastrously.)

Precious Metals International, Ltd (PMI) - Investments in Precious Metals

Precious Metals International, Ltd (PMI)

Many people in the present, unstable, economic environment find Precious Metals a safe-harbor while diversifying and building a hedge against financial gyrations.

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The Precious Metals Week in Review - May 4th, 2018

The Precious Metals Week in Review – May 4th, 2018

Market volatility continued this week as the Federal Reserve held its latest Federal Open Market Committee meeting to determine the direction of monetary policy in the United States. Political headlines involving scandal around President Trump and escalating fears over a potential trade conflict between China and the U.S. also acted to keep uncertainty levels elevated.

The Coming Silver Supply Crunch Is Worse Than You Know

The Coming Silver Supply Crunch Is Worse Than You Know

For data wonks like me, the annual Yearbooks from various gold and silver consultancies make for fun reading. You can always find little gems about what’s going on in the markets, and sometimes you can spot changes in trends early on. Seeing a compelling chart, especially one that’s not been widely reported, is almost as exciting as seeing my wife in a short skirt on date night.

Future Currency - Gold and Silver?

Future Currency – Gold and Silver?

In 1971, the US went off the gold standard, which meant that it no longer had the responsibility to redeem its bank notes for real money – i.e., precious metals. It also meant that, as long as it could get people to accept the essentially worthless bank notes as currency, they could print as much as they liked. They took full advantage of this fact and transformed the US from the world’s greatest creditor nation into the world’s greatest debtor nation in under forty years.

The Inevitability Of Snollygosters

The Inevitability of Snollygosters

Snollygoster is an archaic term for, “A fellow who wants office, regardless of party, platform or principles, and who, whenever he wins, gets there by the sheer force monumental talknophical assumnancy.”

All right, that’s a rather antiquated definition, but then, “snollygoster” is a very antiquated term. It hasn’t been in use since the mid-1800’s.