The Precious Metals Week in Review - August 17th, 2018

The Precious Metals Week in Review – August 17th, 2018

Geopolitical and global macroeconomic issues continued to cause surges of uncertainty in markets this week as Turkey’s currency crisis continued to escalate. Stocks continued to show signs of choppy, emotional trading with the Dow Jones Industrial Average swinging back and forth, seemingly on each new media headline.

If It Gets Bad, I’ll Go to Idaho

If It Gets Bad, I’ll Go to Idaho

In the 1930’s, the farm population in the US was nearly 25% of the total and it was quite common for farmers to borrow from the bank (using their farms as collateral) in the expectation that the proceeds from their annual crop would pay off the note each year.

The Right To Bear Arms

The Right to Bear Arms

In recent decades, the US government has been doing its best to find a way to limit the ability of its people to bear arms. And, in turn, the people respond vehemently that their Constitution guarantees them the right to bear arms. Regardless of which side of the argument any particular American is on, I’ve almost never met one who knows what caused this right to be written in the Constitution.

Wanna Be a Contrarian Investor and Buy Low? Here’s Your Chance.

Wanna Be a Contrarian Investor and Buy Low? Here’s Your Chance

Have you ever looked at a chart of an investment and wished you’d bought when it was cheap, before it rose by multiples in price? We all have. But to do that requires we buy when the investment is out of favor, in direct contrast to the prevailing sentiment at the time.

That’s precisely what contrarian investors do.

Keeping Wealth Safe

Keeping Wealth Safe

Since before the days of currencies, people have sought to keep their wealth safe – to store it where it wouldn’t be stolen by others.In the 1970’s, I became the first jeweler that had existed in my country (the country had been a backwater until that time, but was developing rapidly).

A Look Inside The Cayman Gold Vault

A Look Inside the Cayman Gold Vault

An accomplished salesperson, marketer and consultant in the precious metals field, Mark serves as the General Manager for Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP), a fully integrated precious metals dealer and secure storage facility located in Grand Cayman. SWP and Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) have held a strategic partnership since 2016 with a focus on Cayman Commodities & Derivatives City, a development project by CEC.