Weekly Precious Metals Update - Mark Yaxley - April 20, 2020

Weekly Precious Metals Update – April 20th

Last week saw the market lose yet another major producer to the COVID virus. The United States Mint, North America’s largest producer of gold and silver bullion products, announced the closure of its West Point, New York facility on Wednesday, due to concerns for their workers’ safety.

Weekly Precious Metals Update. An article by Mark Yaxley from Strategic Wealth Preservation.

Weekly Precious Metals Update

Written by Mark Yaxley, General Manager, Strategic Wealth Preservation. These have become regular weekly updates, which we will continue delivering to you until the precious metal market begins to settle back into normality. Please enjoy these nuggets of information until then. Price Action Gold closed last week at $1484/oz. A week later, the yellow metal…

Lessons Learned In Las Vegas

Lessons Learned in Las Vegas

Admittedly, Las Vegas is not my favorite place in the world. There are many other cities where I’d rather spend my free time. But out of necessity, I do find myself there fairly regularly, and if nothing else, Sin City has provided me with two very valuable life lessons, which can be applied to either gambling or investing in precious metals.