Weekly Precious Metals Update. An article by Mark Yaxley from Strategic Wealth Preservation.

Weekly Precious Metals Update

Written by Mark Yaxley, General Manager, Strategic Wealth Preservation. These have become regular weekly updates, which we will continue delivering to you until the precious metal market begins to settle back into normality. Please enjoy these nuggets of information until then. Price Action Gold closed last week at $1484/oz. A week later, the yellow metal…

The Benefits of Economic Collapse

The Benefits of Economic Collapse

I first began to predict a major economic collapse back in 1999. Although I understood that it was at least fifteen years off and possibly more, I believed that it would be wise to begin to prepare for it then, as the actual date of collapse could not be predicted. (Better to be a few years early than even one day too late.)

Lessons Learned In Las Vegas

Lessons Learned in Las Vegas

Admittedly, Las Vegas is not my favorite place in the world. There are many other cities where I’d rather spend my free time. But out of necessity, I do find myself there fairly regularly, and if nothing else, Sin City has provided me with two very valuable life lessons, which can be applied to either gambling or investing in precious metals.

The Precious Metals Week in Review

The Precious Metals Week in Review June 2nd, 2017   1. President Trump and his continued use of twitter and his controversial views and actions continues to be the primary focus of nearly every news outlet. Stock markets seem to be blissfully ignoring the growing uncertainty, continually making record highs despite what seems to be…