Those Who Seek To Rule.

Those Who Seek to Rule

We’d like to think that all people have a sense of compassion and fair play, but this isn’t so. Roughly ten percent of all people, in any population, are estimated to have traits associated with narcissism. Roughly four percent are estimated to be sociopathic and one percent are estimated to be psychopathic.

The Economic Bubble Bath.

The Economic Bubble Bath

At the end of a long, tiring day, we may choose to treat ourselves to a soothing bubble bath. Surrounded by steaming water and a froth of sweet-smelling bubbles, it’s easy to forget the cares of everyday life. This fact is equally true of economic bubbles.

Why an Epic Bull Market in Gold Is About to Begin

Why an Epic Bull Market in Gold Is About to Begin

Last week, I laid out four reasons for why this gold rally will be bigger than anything we’ve ever seen. I explained how central banks are buying up piles of gold… how China is using the metal to remove its dependence on the U.S. dollar… and why the Fed’s shifting strategy is bullish for the sector.