By Jeff Thomas,
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The critter in the photo above is an entomologic marvel. The seventeen-year locust (or cicada) appears on the American continent like clockwork every seventeen years. As soon as a locust is born, it burrows in the ground and appears to hibernate for seventeen years. When it emerges, it lives only four to six weeks – just long enough to devastate crops, lay a new batch of eggs, and start the cycle again.

Seventeen-Year Locusts and Eighty-Year Wokists
Seventeen-Year Locusts and Eighty-Year Wokists. An article by Jeff Thomas.

But, whilst underground, they’re not actually hibernating. They are in fact active in a wingless nymph form, feeding on sap and tree roots. They’re building their strength for their periodic devastation. The danger that they present to humanity is that, when they emerge, they do so collectively and their cumulative damage is often epic.

But enough of entomologic lessons. Those who read this publication are more concerned with the destruction created by mankind – the rise of a class of humans that seeks to destroy all that has been achieved in the last several generations.

We call them the Elites, the Globalists, the Deep State, etc. The moniker we give them matters little; it’s their nature that’s of significance. They‘ve been building their power base for generations and are now powerful enough to transform the world. They are a class of parasites that has now managed to take over entire governments.

And, along the way, they’ve sought to take over the minds of the peoples of the world. “Woke” consciousness has become the mindset of a significant percentage of First Worlders that defies all logic.

War is peace; Freedom is slavery; Ignorance is strength.”

So spoke George Orwell in 1948, in his predictive novel, 1984. And so it is with wokeism. Whatever was perceived as truth only a few years ago is being presented as falsehood and is being replaced by a new “truth”– the opposite of the old truth.

As Orwell observed, the purpose is to create so much confusion amongst the hoi polloi that they literally no longer know which way is up. They’d fear pointing to the “up” that they once accepted, as they’re unsure whether a swarm of wokeists might descend upon them, regaling them… removing their freedoms as punishment.

But interestingly, this is nothing new. Mankind has experienced similar plagues of sociopathic behavior for millennia.

The last one took place in the late 1930s and early 1940s. It began in Germany, which was hopelessly broke at that time, with no hope of economic recovery, as they had an oppressive hundred-year reparation bill hanging over them – a bill that had been handed to them under the Treaty of Versailles.

Yet, somehow, this economically-devastated country suddenly received a massive infusion of wealth – countless armament factories were built, producing state-of-the-art airplanes, howitzers, tanks, and all other items of military use.

Although this has not been noted in the history books, the massive funding necessary for this military buildup came from Wall Street and the City of London – from the globalists of the day, who sought to rule, first Europe, through German might, then Asia, then beyond.

The effort failed. The globalists had spent decades building up their wealth and power and had set in motion their bid for world domination, but they overestimated their own power and they underestimated the likelihood that the rest of the world’s population would turn on them in a unified way.

They were beaten, but not destroyed. They threw a few German generals to the dogs at the Nuremberg show trials, and the world, satisfied that “justice” had been done, moved on. The world then turned its attention to normal productivity.

In essence, the globalists went underground and for eighty years, built up their strength for the next attempt at world dominance.

Those who are students of history shake their heads and ask, “How can it be that this is happening again? How is it possible that the globalists have been allowed to once again assume power? How did we forget the lesson of World War II?

Well, the answer is that we’ve passed through a historic saeculum – a periodically recurring problem that even Plato and Aristotle argued over. Most likely others did, for countless generations, long before those philosophers were born.

Unfortunately, following a great debacle such as World War II, the population is eager to put aside the painful times, forget the recent past and move on with life. The objective becomes simplistic and admirable: an affordable home, a family, a peaceful community, and a productive job to make those goals possible.

Such a generation then tends to raise a fairly spoiled generation of children, who in turn raise a generation of complacent people, who in turn raise a generation of apathetic children. This pattern has played out endlessly for Millennia.

In any generation, in any community, it’s the norm for roughly 4% of the population to be born or become sociopathic – obsessive with their own importance and without any emotional concern for the good of their fellow man.

After a great debacle, they tend to go “underground” as it were. They’re quickly recognized as being of the same stuff as the defeated dictators. During the next generation, they remain underground, but gain strength and, in political and military spheres, begin to form alliances. Then, In the complacent generation, they begin to rise to prominence. In the apathetic generation, they tend to rise to dominance.

In the latter half of the final fourth generation – the one that we have now entered – they begin to impose the dominance they’ve gained on the people they now rule.

Once again, the principles that Mister Orwell outlined above become the policies of the Elite. The apathetic populace slides evermore into a state of confusion, which is then converted to compliance through coercion and then force.

We are now in that final stage: we are now seeing the first evidence of a series of Kristallnacht, as occurred in Germany in November of 1938 – the confiscation of assets by globalist governmental leaders in Canada, Netherlands, etc., the unnecessary warfare in Ukraine, the proliferation of freedom-removing laws. In short, an overwhelming wave of oppression in every sphere of human endeavor.

We see one act of dominance after another, whilst the hoi polloi stare like deer in headlights, unable to understand where their once-pleasant world has gone, or at best, to make half-hearted protests against the sudden, increased level of force.

The reason that such a takeover can occur is that it is ubiquitous – a plague of locusts – or in modern-day nomenclature, wokeists – go into action all at once.

Where they have done this piecemeal, in one country at a time, they would surely be suppressed, but just as the locusts suddenly leave the ground together, in their billions, sociopaths tend to seek to be all-encompassing in their bid for dominance – to make their bid for power truly global – a relatively small number of people intending to subjugate a far larger one.

As Vladimir Lenin observed, “One man with a machine gun can dominate one hundred men without one.”

So, is that it? Are we toast?

Well, not if history is an indicator. Again, going back as far as Plato and Aristotle, those who had been complacent and even apathetic, realize at some point that their only choices are to fight back or die. Eventually, they choose to fight back.

To stick with the Lenin concept for a moment, a few lose their lives in the attempt to wrest the machine gun from the soldier, but the others succeed, through sheer numbers. (In 1940, the Nazis easily defeated an apathetic French army, but then failed when going against the sheer tenacity of the French underground.)

We have not yet reached the peak of the oppression in this saeculum. It will get quite a bit worse and will do so quickly. And the reversal will be neither quick nor easy. It’s likely that the reversal will take several years to get into full swing and may not bring about substantive change before the end of the decade.

We’re in for a long and painful period, as in all wars in which humanity itself is the intended victim.

The outcome will depend upon how soon an awakening takes place in the hearts and minds of average people and how much they’re prepared to tolerate before they collectively retaliate. From then on it will be a process of slow attrition until the evil is once more driven underground.

Jeff Thomas
International Man and Strategic Wealth Preservation

This article was originally posted in the Strategic Wealth Preservation Blog and copied here with the permission of the author.

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