By Jeff Thomas, feature writer for Strategic Wealth Preservation, Doug Casey’s International Man and 321gold.com

Every four or five years, throughout the former Free World, it’s election time and those who live in what passes for a democracy get to vote – to choose a poster boy who will play the role of leader in the farcical stage show of politics.

The Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy.
The Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy.  An article by Jeff Thomas.

I don’t really pay too much attention to political elections, as the outcome has minimal effect on the actual agenda, which is ongoing – independent of political party success.

I described my take on the modern political structure several years ago, in “Political Pizza.” Whether the reader is from the US, Canada, the UK, EU, etc., it’s essentially the same.

The concept of a democracy is that the general public vote for their leaders. In a British democracy, we’re meant to elect leaders whom we then trust to make whatever decisions they see fit. Every five years, we have the opportunity to say whether we’re happy with their performance by voting again.

In the American democracy, the system is intended to more representative. The elected leaders are expected to somehow represent the views of the majority of voters, more than their own conscience.

But these are moot points, since neither system is at all representative.

It is not the true nature of governments to represent the electorate at all. Their nature is to rule, and to rule for their own benefit.

Any government is parasitical by definition. It does not produce any product; it takes from the electorate by force and unilaterally decides what it will dispense to them.

Conceptually, the era of kings is long over, yet much of the world, particularly the larger countries, is still ruled by kings. But today, they have the wisdom to remain invisible.

The kings are those who have achieved extreme wealth through banking and industry. They add new members from time to time, but rule is for the most part maintained by families that span many generations, as in days of old.

The kings do not offer themselves for election, but they do create elections to allow the hoi polloi the illusion of “democratic choice.”

If we were to parallel this system with the Mafia, we might regard the kings as the “Dons.” Their families rule from the background for generations, but they make use of “Capos,” to handle the overall management of countries. The Capos tend to be advisors to each administration, regardless of which party is theoretically in power at the moment. They typically remain in place for many years.

Since the media put the emphasis on the political class, the electorate tend not to wonder why a Kissinger or a Fauci remain in place from one administration to the next, with no diminished importance. For the Capos, it’s often a lifetime career in a management position.

The day-to-day operations of the Mafia are undertaken by the soldiers, the bag-men, etc. They do the donkey work and are disposable.

And in a democracy, the political class are the soldiers. They run for election, are put before the cameras and do genuinely believe that they are being given leadership positions. Some even have a vague code of personal ethics. However, this is of no real significance, as, ultimately, they are not in charge. The real control comes from above.

No real king would consider a political career, as politicians are meant to be disposable.

It doesn’t matter at all whether the politicians come and go. They’re allowed to make little decisions that don’t matter, like whether Roe v. Wade is overturned, or whether the citizenry are allowed to own AK-47s. These are the petty distractions to keep the populace endlessly occupied, but are never fully resolved. Meanwhile, the overall agenda is decided and implemented by the kings – the Deep State, who continue uninterrupted, generation after generation.

The electorate are provided with the illusion that they can “make a difference” by voting for the latest pair of incompetent candidates. It rarely, if ever, occurs to them that, in a country of 330,000,000 people, the best candidates that can be found are (in the present case of the US) a narcissistic blowhard and a senile imbecile.

We who are British can claim no better, as in every election, we go through our own charade of “Send in the clowns.”

And again, this is the case in most all democracies. The larger the country, the more prominent the governmental Mafia.

All that’s necessary to keep the people distracted by this charade is to ramp up the drama. The media will examine the minutiae of politics ad nauseum, so that the voter feels he’s somehow both informed and involved. In the bargain, he fails to notice that he invariably ends up as a milk cow, regardless of which party has the majority.

It matters little to the Deep State which buffoon is elected “leader,” since, although he will be allowed his own personal style and pet projects (gay rights, building walls, etc.), he answers to a bigger boss with regard to the main agenda.

And because people actually believe that they live in a democracy, the kings can get away with far greater taxation than the kings of old.

In the Middle Ages, “One day’s labour in ten” was the normal tax. Under the charade of democracy, far more than ten percent can be taken, as people are taxed under the scam that it’s being done “for the greater good,” not for the good of the king.

Under this ruse, the authorities can dominate the people to a far greater degree than the Sheriff of Nottingham ever did.

We have just entered a period in which a major socio-political transition will be taking place. This publication has predicted the coming of that period for many years, but it’s now upon us.

What we shall see is a manufactured shakeup of the world economy, based upon the claim that it was brought on by a pandemic.

The economy will collapse. The world will be in a state of economic depression for years. There will be dramatic unrest and violence, which will be used as a justification for the completion of a police state that has been in the works for some time.

As in the Great Depression, people will become so subjugated and dependent upon their government that, when the artificial restrictions are lifted, they will not arise against their government. Quite the contrary, they will regard their elected leaders as heroes and will be grateful to be allowed to return to normal at some point.

This they will do, in spite of the fact that “the new normal” will be one of diminished rights and freedoms and greater taxation.

Along the way, it will matter little whether the electorate vote for the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. Neither will deliver them to the sunny future that they promise.

This burgeoning collapse is a done deal and has been in the works for a very long time.

Jeff Thomas
International Man and Strategic Wealth Preservation

This article was originally posted in the Strategic Wealth Preservation Blog and copied here with the permission of the author.

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